Thursday, May 20, 2004

My Yard

I never get tired of our backyard. In the morning I watch the sunrise, look at the cacti and flowers , watch the birds come and go. I feed the quails (love their babies!!!!) and hummingbirds, but lots of other birds come and feast as well. At night, I look at the stars, the moon and the cactus flowers. My family is subjected to ongoing reports of yard activities. I feel so blessed that we have this amazing yard from which I get so much pleasure.
I often buy seeds and bulbs to plant, but, sadly, never get them planted. We have a few small crops in our paltry vegetable and herb garden. I love harvesting them and watching them grow, and have many unexecuted plans for creating a larger vegetable and herb garden. Until then, I will just appreciate the open space and changing scene in the yard. The only scenes that might be more capitivating would be a magnificent ocean vista or that view that you have when you have climbed all the way to the top of Mount Sinai in Israel, or wherever it is now. I was very captivated by the river views in New Orleans and Bangkok, where there are boats moving 24 hours a day.