Wednesday, November 10, 2004

59 Million Idiots

As I volunteered yestereday at Mayo Hospital, we had CNN News on, showing pictures of the troops storming Fallujah. I was struck by the fact that I felt ill, looking at that footage (maybe they just stuck in Vietnam footage?) and watching one of the receptionists. Her husband is being shipped to Iraq this week, after being activated and trained as an Army Reserve nurse. She is trying to hold it together and be so brave as he ships out and cannot call or be in touch daily. She will get no consolation watching the tv news, as she hopes that he is assigned to a medic station, way back from the front lines. It made me sick and think of the 59 million idiots that re-elected George W., allowing him to do whatever he wants -- line-item veto, gay marriage ban, other cavalier moves based on the fact he does not ever have to run for election again and is accountable to no one.