Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Presidential Politics

I am a presidential election junkie, in that I love the politics and excitement every four years. Traditionally I have selected a candidate early in the race, jumped on the campaign bandwagon and volunteered, only to have them withdraw for various reasons on the road to the convention. We have often joked that we should tell the candidate I am supporting I may not be good luck. Past experiences include Edmund Muskie (we all know about the dirty tricks of that election), Bill Bradley and Howard Dean. I was one of the first volunteers in Howard Dean's office in Phoenix, before they had phones or computers.
2008 is a very crucial year for the Democrats. I supported two people early on, even contributing to their campaigns. First Biden withdrew; today Edwards will be out. I am sad as they are both good people that could bring experience and perspective to the job.
What now? Who do I volunteer for? Who do I vote for? Clinton has the experience, both herself and that of her outspoken husband, but also comes with baggage and inside-the-Beltway reputation.
Obama represents the voice for change, but is a relative newcomer in Washington, D.C. Being a newcomer can be both good or bad depending on how you look at it. It is curious that he got all the endorsements from Kerry and the Kennedys -- change is in the air, certainly. After two terms of George W and his circle of friends, it seems that is restating the obvious. Did they feel that, if he is not the candidate selected, he would be more likely to work with them in the Senate in the coming years? Why did they not endorse Edwards, a more moderate choice with more experience?
I know only one thing; if McCain is the Republican choice, the cash to be spent by whatever Democratic candidate would be better spent on solving homelessness or fixing Katrina damage. If he wins the nomination, he will be hard to beat with his political and military experience.