Thursday, July 01, 2004

Nao Aire Conditionado!!!

The air conditioner is a source of great tension in our house, and actually, also when we are away from home, either in the car or a hotel room. During a trip to South America 20 years ago, we argued all night when some hotels would shut off the air in the middle of the night to save money. In a three star hotel in Uruguay, we alternated with me calling the front desk saying "Nao aire conditionado, por favor!", or my husband calling "Aire conditionado, por favor!". They probably figured "crazy Americanos!"
Twenty years later we still disagree. My default temperature is 78; his is as cool as possible, with cold air blasting. Each time we pass the thermostat, we adjust it to our liking. The checkout guy at Trader Joe's keeps his at 67 and all his guests have to wrap in blankets. He contends the constant temperature is the most cost-effective. Other people lower it to 72 at night to allow them to sleep better, even if it means piling on blankets and wearing flannel pjs in the summer. At our house, we have flannel sheets, no matter what our air conditioner is set on.
When we are away from home, the temperature is only part of the problem -- as the noise is usually very loud. My new earplugs may really do the trick on masking the noise. So, maybe, if I combine them with earmuffs for the cold, I can hope for at least another 20 + years of air conditioner disagreements.