Sunday, June 27, 2004

Fry's Electronics

This place seems to be a mecca for my husband, and many other techies. He faithfully reads the ads and reviews their sales. It is adorable that he is so excited about the store and all its goodies.
Today we went to Fry's, which was probably a better day for him than four years ago, while he waited for me during surgery.
When we go, I get there and become overwhelmed. He then contends that I am not interested in looking. But, the truth is, I would like to look at different things than he would, and I feel an obligation to check periodically on my daughter while she is at "Dance, Dance, Dance, Revolution" or whatever it is called.
Then we get separated and I try calling him on his cellphone, which is what at least 30% of the other customers are doing on their phones. He rarely has the phone with him and we both wander around in search of each other. In the end for him, he is so delighted that we went and he found his stuff. It is the place that I found my "Mister Ed" DVD collection. So maybe I need to look at it as a place for exploration.
And, in the end for me, I am thankful that I am still here so we can go to Fry's together, as well as all the other destinations that make him smile.