Wednesday, June 23, 2004


I read the other day about the questions always asked of guests on "Inside The Actors Studio," and I was thinking about it. The one question was "What is your favorite word?" The word that popped into my mind was "heart."

My husband chose "love"; I think, if asked, my daughter would say "shoe". I read that Tom Cruise said "yes" and I forgot what I saw that the host guy of the show said when asked.

Why would I select "heart"? It has so many meanings.
It could be "heart" (courage, passion,guts) that both my husband and daughter have and display on various occasions.
It could be "heart" disease, a hereditary problem in my family.
It could be "heart" in the theme of artwork my husband and I like to collect and display in our bedroom. We have several pieces from MacKenzie Thorpe based on hearts.
It also could be my curiosity as to what ads will appear on my blog by the repeated use of the word "heart."