Saturday, June 19, 2004

Imagery and Breast Cancer

I had the honor of working with a wonderful healer, utilizing imagery and relxation during my treatment for breast cancer (now almost 4 years ago!). The sessions included discussing fears and concerns related to my treatment. Then, using guided relaxation, we developed an imagery exercise. Examples would be for coping with a lifelong fear of needles, or fear of reoccurence of the breast cancer.
These imagery sessions were a gift, as they were a break from chemo and radiation. In a cozy, corner office, with the window open for street sounds, my healer was able to evoke images and relaxation from within me that were remarkable. Each session was recorded for me to have the tapes to use when needed. But, after a period of time, I could (still can) evoke many of those images spontaneously.
Yesterday, I had the great opportunity to see Susan, my wonderful healer. And my family finally got to meet this person who helped me through a difficult period of time. The fact is that every day I do some sort of imagery to relax, focus and stay calm. I am so blessed that she came into my life and am so delighted that she continues to share her magic with others. When I find out that someone is ill, I often send them tapes from some of the healers Susan introduced to me. They are fantastic, and the voice of one of them gives me chills when I think of it as I used it to reduce pain after surgery. But, none of them are as personal, or speak so directly to my soul, as those I created with Susan's help.
An eternal thank you to Susan for sharing her energy with me...