Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Nice People You Meet

I have the opportunity to meet such nice people in my day-to-day routine. I look forward to several of the women in the exercise class that I teach; I like Randy, the pool guy, that comes weekly to take care of our pool and talk politics; I like Susan (the cashier) and Mo (the retired, bagger guy who reminds me of my late father-in-law) that work at the local grocery store. My neighbor Susan is such a warm, generous person and I look forward to running into her at the school bus stop. On my recent vacation I met two nice people, eight very nice giraffes, one sensitive okapi and several forgetful ostriches.
One guy was the owner of a business in Carlsbad, CA., "Hot Shots Eyeware Repair." He replaced the screw in my sunglasses free of charge, with a big smile and would not accept any payment. He had a line of people out of the door of his space, most of them getting free screw replacements. He has a website and I would love to refer people to him ( I wish I could give him some additional business, but, thankfully, none of my glasses are currently broken.
Another nice guy was the musician who paid the bills by doing the continental breakfast at our motel. He also has a website and a really big heart and smile. It was a delight to chat with him in the morning as we looked out at the ocean and the schools of dolphins (with their babies) romping in the surf. (
I am sure I will think of additional people to add to my nice people list.