Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Top TV Phrases (in my opinion)

A recent British survey identified top TV phrases, citing "Doh!" from Homer Simpson as number one.

My responses would have included "it was like that when I got here!", uttered often by both me AND Bart Simpson. Close behind would be Maxwell Smart's "Would you believe....?" And then, not much could top Mr. Ed (the original of course) calling, "Wilbur!". Just to conclude my list of favorites, I must post one that I actually say -- "No one said that to me, ma'am," from one of the original "Dragnet" episodes.

As long as we are talking about campy television shows, I love "Mr. Ed," "Get Smart", and "Dragnet". Believe it or not, we actually own DVDs of "Mr. Ed" and "Dragnet." I also enjoy the mindless adventures on "Leave It To Beaver" and "Gilligan's Island." My eclectic DVDs reside with my video, laser disc and DVD of the original, long-time personal favorite "Oceans 11". Perhaps I am also the only person to pre-order the DVD of "The Gods Must Be Crazy I and II." I cannot wait to watch the deleted scenes.

I swear it was like that when I got here....