Friday, May 21, 2004

Cleaning the House

I have been hoping to get the house ready for a houseguest next week, but, as my previous post indicates, I am a big time procrastinator. So, as the time approaches, I think about it alot more, come up with ideas, but don't get the cleaning done. Perhaps I really need to think less about cleaning, and more about getting rid of clutter and all the stuff that piles up everywhere.
What I end up doing is shoving stuff in closets, drawers, bags and boxes to clean off surfaces for cleaning at the verrrrry last minute. Reading books and articles about organizing is good, but what I really want is TLC's "Clean Sweep" crew to come in and get it ready for the "While You Were Out" crew. Then, I want to have "Pimp My Ride" come and fix up my husband's extra car that is in the driveway. Of course, that is, only if X to the Z brings me one of his funky, souped up tricycles as a gift when he arrives.