Monday, May 31, 2004


A recent cover story in "Time" magazine covered the topic of new scientific understanding of the brain of a teenager. It was so intriuging to see how the research is obtained, how the brain is developed and "pruned." The most mind-boggling fact is that various activities or sports or mental exercises result in certain areas of your teen brain getting larger. The possibilities are curious, wondering if you can help shape or influence your teen's brain by directing them into specific activities. The article talked about the physiological reasons behind teen moodiness and even sleep patterns.
It leads me to think about how my brain was shaped as a teen, unwittingly really, and how that impacts my behavior now 40 years later. And I wonder if there are patterns engraved in your brain that take over any logic or reason that you may have obtained later in your life -- are these patterns stronger or ingrained deeper than newer patterns?
The information and research is really very magical and has sparked my interest to learn more in order to be a more understanding parent. I will probably never understand the neuro-pathways engraved deeply in my brain, but I know that I will try to never do that to my teen.