Monday, June 14, 2004

Talk Radio

I have enjoyed talk radio tremendously over the past decade, particularly since I stopped working at a professional job. Talk radio was engaging when driving my daughter around to her various activities and has been invaluable while in the house, forcing me to stay in the radius of the radio while doing chores that I don't like (laundry, cleaning, etc.)
I had been a fan of Dr. Laura's, not because I admired her or anything, but it really gave me a sense of the big picture of what most people's lives are made of. Ronn Owens, KGO, morning talk show host was my all-time favorite. He kept me current in politics, books, issues, and personalities in the news. He always talks about award shows the day after, reviewing the awards, the outfits, the speeches.
One very wonderful, but short-lived, talk show came out of Sacramento, and it was hosted by Timothy Busfield, formerly of, at that time, "thirtysomething." At the time he was on the radio, he was a periodic guest on "The West Wing." Elliot, as I always will call him, had a warm, genuine radio style, and had topics like "what is for dinner tonight?" People would call up and share their menus, he would chat and it was generally enjoyable. And I cannot forget late night driving, when Bruce Williams came to the rescue.
Currently, we live in an area devoid of decent talk radio shows, except for the local, politically-conservative hosts which I must avoid. Dr. Joy Brown has a very gentle way with her callers and I learned a great deal about getting our finances in order from Dave Ramsey. But no one is on in the morning to replace Ronn Owens for me....I know that I could listen to Ronn Owens on the internet, but that would mean I would have to stay in one place for three hours. That is highly unlikely.