Tuesday, June 22, 2004


Fruit leathers are the best portable snack around. We used to order them directly from Stretch Island, but then Trader Joe's started doing them, which tells me we are not the only ones eating them. They are portable in both hot and cold weather and suitable for smuggling into venues not allowing food by sticking them inside your unmentionables (besides the more traditional places - purse, pocket, briefcase). They come in great flavors, made with some of the lower glycemic fruits, too.
Other favorite snacks are small bags of healthy nuts, as you get thirsty when you eat them and forget you are hungry. Other people like gum, pretzels, candy, ice cream (not really portable) ... but I like fruit leathers unless I can have some licorice which I never do, but think about alot. Some days I think of red licorice, some days black, other days just "Good 'N Plenty."
Dried vegetable leather would be a wonderful snack, but probably hard to do. I think some of those freeze dried vegetables could be flattened into snack leathers, but may be very inedible. I tried carrying some of the little packages of seaweed sheets you get at a hotel with a Japanese breakfast buffet, but they disintegrated and did not taste very good, though they were probably very healthy. I am definitely always in search of new healthy, snack options.