Sunday, June 20, 2004


There was an advertisement on my banana today! It was a sticker promoting "Garfield The Movie," which I am not likely to see unless Dean Martin or John Candy come back to do some of the voices. But it is a great advertising space, nonetheless.
I do like a banana periodically, as I have low potassium from a medication I take. The South Beach Diet did not allow bananas, until a very recent update came out, adding a small banana to Phase 2. So I can enjoy them again, buying one small banana periodically as a treat. I like the banana partially green and very firm, so I can never buy more than one or two at a time. I like the fact that Trader Joe's sells them individually, one price no matter what size. And they have lots of green ones, too!
Potassium is also available in orange juice, nuts, many different greens and avocado. But nothing seems to resolve those low potassium symptoms like a small, green banana.
I look forward to seeing what other advertisers rent that space. Logically, it would seem to be compatible products -- cereal, nuts, vitamins. Stay tuned.