Tuesday, June 22, 2004

The People In My Mind

There is a group of people in my mind. They are alive, but I do not see them frequently. However, they are frequently in my thoughts. This is an eclectic group and every week or so, I think I will telephone one or more of them to see how they are. Then, when the time comes that I should call (quiet evening, afternoon, weekends), I procrastinate and decide I don't feel like talking on the phone, and subsequently never call. The next week, I go through the same cycle. I often feel badly that I don't make the contact that I think about, but I have some kind of phone phobia and hate talking on the phone. I even have most of their phone numbers programmed into my cell phone.
Who are these folks? One is my cousin Nancy, to whom I was close as a child. She lives in NYC, just lost her husband and is a delightful woman with many challenges ahead. We have much in common in how we view the world -- I have only seen her once in the past 30 years. Her mother, Aunt Marilyn, is another, and I do sometimes call her. Mostly I just send them both notes periodically.
Another is my cousin Debra, also someone I was close to as a child. We have been in touch on and off again, mostly due to my inconsistent communication on the phone. In the past two years, we started an annual retreat weekend together, to catch up, chat and hang out, as my daughter would say. She lost her partner recently and has some ongoing problems with her son, but she is really fun to be with, adventurous and has a huge heart.
My path recently crossed again with an old friend from VISTA days, when Jan and her husband, Gary came to town. We crammmed 30 years in one night and are trying to stay in touch. They are both wonderful, warm, gentle people that are a true delight to know.
In conclusion, I do enjoy thinking of these other people, whether or not I stay in touch. I do wish all of them the very best...and they are in my thoughts and prayers for many blessings!