Thursday, June 24, 2004

Crying In The Car

It is odd how sometimes you can be driving in the car and something triggers a thought or memory -- and the next thing you know, you are crying. It doesn't happen to me very often, but if one is going through a particularly difficult time, I would think that time alone in the car is probably prime crying time.
Today CBJ, as we call the local disc jockey, did an introduction to a song by David Gates and "Bread." He said it was a love song, but that it was unusual in that David Gates had written it as a love song to his father, after his father's death. So. listening to "Everything I Own", with the knowledge that he wrote that to his father posthumously, made me cry. And it made me miss my father, my grandfather and my husband's father, all of whom were wonderful teachers and role models. The next time you hear that song, you will think of it differently. When I searched the lyrics on Google, I found that NSync had redone the song, but cannot imagine it having the same emotional impact as the original.