Wednesday, June 23, 2004

"What are mojos?"

My daughter was watching an Austin Powers movie. Approximately 12 hours later, she asked me "what are mojos?" I looked at her and inquired where she heard it; then I answered with the definition that I thought it was (male body part.) But when I asked her what happened in the movie, she told me that the guy lost or had his mojos stolen and spent the rest of the movie trying to get them back. So, when asked if he did get it back, she said, "No, it broke," leading me to believe that my definition was incorrect. I have subsequently looked it up and now know the correct definition.

Today, when returning another movie, she read the warnings on the box in the car, and asked "Were there drug references?". I described the scene in which there were, and she replied, "Oh, I missed that!."

It leads me to wonder how much of a PG-13 movie an almost 12-year old catches, or better yet, how much she actually misses?