Friday, June 25, 2004

"Democracy For America"

After Howard Dean left the presidential race. he converted his grassroots network into "Democracy For America," to maintain the momentum of activism developed during the campaign. I witnessed, during my involvment, several people who became re-interested in the political process and activism, and was so motivated by it. One day, I had tears of joy as a busload of kids from Berkeley came to town to go canvassing for Dean supporters. That was so amazing!!!!!!!
Each state converted the "Dean for America" group to "Democracy for America"(DFA), with pro-Democratic activities in each state. For example, this weekend, they have a local group of people going to see "Fahrenheit 9/11" together.
The coolest thing that I have seen in my emails, are the lists of "Dean's Dozens." There have been several (three or four?) lists of 12 people, identified by DFA, who have decided to run for office as a result of being re-energized by the Dean campaign. They range from Corporation Commissioners to state senators and representatives and DFA is using its network to generate support for these folks. I think there is truly hope for us only if we can get the bone-head "I don't vote" voters to get out there, that is.