Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Clipping Coupons

Every Sunday my husband gleefully grabs the coupon inserts and religiously cuts them. He loves this routine. I love using the coupons, as I get a thrill as the coupon totals mount up (not to mention when they are doubled or, dare I say, triple coupons.) I feel naked when I shop without them or forget to bring along stacks of recycled paper bags which have been known to knock over an occasional store wine display. But,the real reason he clips coupons is the fact that he is watching for new products or trends. He always previews them in search of something new, or different, and considers how the products will impact the life of consumers.
He has spotted so many trends over time -- tea, flavored bottled waters, flavored vinegars and others I cannot even remember. He delights in the coupon cutting experience, and when he is away, I stack up the inserts for him to do when he returns. Usually, it is one of the first tasks he will undertake. How nice that something so simple can give someone so much pleasure!