Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Primary Election Day

Working at the polls is revealing, in that you can see, firsthand, the good and bad in people. The good is that people come out to vote and exercise their rights; the bad is that they are often rude, impatient and unpleasant to the election day workers. Who are you going to get to work a long day, for little pay, mid-week? So, they are elderly, disabled, confused, or all of the above, but they are also well-meaning and showing their patriotism.
I admired the parents that brought their kids to show them how the process works. They all earned stickers at our polling place. Some of the local Republican races hired pushy people to harrass voters outside the 75 ft. limit, and they had to be told to stop their aggressive tactics after several voter complaints. I was not sad to see today that those candidates lost.
For the people that are registered and don't vote, shame on you. With early ballots so readily available, no one even has to be inconvenienced to vote. And, for those who are not even registered, you are a disgrace and should be ashamed to be an American.
One highlight of the day, for me, was the fact that many couples come to vote together. No matter the age of the couple, they came together to vote. That was so sweet. Since I could not vote with my husband, as we have always done, he brought in both our early-vote ballots and a big cup of hot tea.