Sunday, September 05, 2004

Many moe to come

Yesterday was our 21st anniversary, and the beautiful roses my husband sent had a card with a wonderful sentiment and typo we will enjoy for years -- "many moe to come." We had a day doing what we like to do, wandering stores, reading menus, napping, eating and doing a bizarre outing to the Wiener Nationals (wiener dog races). In past years, we did wine and pickled vegetable tours, in Eastern Washington, Sonoma and Napa Valleys, and sometimes just wine stores. As we don't really drink wine any more, our tour now is more pickled vegetables, vinegars, herbs and tea.
But, whatever we are looking for, we like unstructured days that flow from one activity to another, semi-planned, flexible - and annoying to others, including our daughter who did not get a good view of the hilarious wiener races or the choice of restaurants for dinner. The dachshunds didn't really race, but came out of the door and wandered about, much to the delight of the crowd. The monies went to rescued greyhounds, who are so gentle, sweet and very loving. Just the perfect blend for an anniversary celebration. We are already planning on attending next year's races.
We returned home to find a big cactus flower, in honor of our special day. This day was made more precious by wondering if, during breast cancer treatment four years ago, I would be here for the celebration. In my prayers, every day, I am thankful.