Wednesday, August 25, 2004

You Break It, You Buy It (Not)!

Last week I knocked over a wine bottle display at Trader Joe's with my big armful of recycling bags. As they cleaned it up (only one broke), they joked that they wished they had a glass to drink some before it shattered. Of course, my beloved Trader Joe's did not charge me! My spill was minor compared to some lady who knocked over a whole stack of wine cases last year by the dairy section. Despite wine, and lots of glass on the floor, people walked in and got their cheeses, proceeding to track wine throughout the store. That was a cleanup worthy of Mr. Monk!
I am proudly sporting my new Trader Joe's license plate holder.This week they got some organic micro greens. They are so delicious! Since we now buy fish there too, is it possible Trader Joe's will become our one-stop shopping destination?