Monday, August 23, 2004


The new button on the blogspot site directs you to next blog. It must be other recent postings, and late last night, I read a few. Many of the postings were summaries of people's weekends and their related thoughts. One guy was elated he had gotten a GMail invitation -- and his post pondered what emails to keep or eliminate. That is a dilemna that I have been facing. Hotmail, my long term account, is one most people have, but often I get a "server busy" message for hours on end, and it is VERY annoying. Yes, they just increased memory, which helps, but I still get tons of porno mail, where they skirt the screens with ! and ?.
I directed people to my Yahoo email. I like it as it is easier to use, and is always accessible. However, I am frustrated I have never been able to connect the two emails together via Yahoo.
So, if I got a GMail account, what would I do? I did get a account, used it once and promptly forgot the password, and besides, that was two computers ago. What an odd dilemna I face, all in my quest to never use the telephone again.