Sunday, August 15, 2004

Middle School Tomorrow

My daughter starts middle school tomorrow! My husband and I have first-day-of-school stomach aches for her. She is excited and nervous. In order to feel part of her group, they are all wearing pink and black for the first day. We selected all the pieces of her outfit carefully and bought some really cute, new, black earrings. We encouraged her to remember, when she sees or touches the earrings, all the hard work that got her to pierced ears, and to be confident that she will continue to succeed.
But, in the meantime, do you ever get too old to have those first day jitters? I am so glad I have a busy day tomorrow so I will not wonder what she is doing every minute. A beautiful cactus flower is opening tonight in honor of her new school adventure. I want to spare her all the difficult times that I had at that age -- I hope that her confidence and courage will get her through, at least, until the first school dance on September 10.