Wednesday, August 11, 2004

I laughed; I cried

Recently, I have started reading the newspaper in bed while my husband exercises, faithfully, each day, no matter what. Today I laughed, and then I cried.
I laughed at a letter to editor where someone wrote that "Laura Bush should stick to reading children's books to children," rather than share her comments on stem-cell research. Bravo!
And I chuckled when another letter to the editior commented on the local debate of "fogging mosquitos," spraying a pesticide to prevent spread of the West Nile Virus. The writer said, that if one of the supporters thought the spray was so safe, "he should spray it on his scrambled eggs.!" That brought a strange image to mind.
I cried reading the obituary of a woman with the same birthday as me, 10 years younger, that died.
And I cried reading about the first day of a new elementary school principal. She did a variety of events in order to meet the kids and parents. She was in the cafeteria for lunchtime and helped a new kindergartner open her "Hello Kitty" lunchbox and milk. The child, spotting a note inside the lunch, asked her "can you read?" The note read something along the lines of "Have a great day on your first day of kindergarten. Mommy is so proud of you." She told the child that was a great note and to keep it as someday she will treasure it.
It wasn't mentioned, but how about that mom who wrote it? I know I will never forget the day my daughter walked into her kindergarten class, like a big girl and did not look back. I was so proud of her courage and so sad that she would eventually not need me anymore. I stood at the door and wept, and I weep now thinking of how fast it all changes.