Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Borders Books

I inherited a Borders gift card from my daughter's birthday -- she opted to buy something cool at a teen clothing shop and I paid in exchange for gift cards of equal value. So, I have this $20 gift card, but mostly buy online from Amazon and my husband buys at half. com. I read about a book for middle school girls in the paper today and decided to see if they had it in stock, as it showed up online.
I went in, up to the front desk and asked to see if it was in stock. They had one copy showing in inventory. The guy helping me was nice, and we looked where it was supposed to be and four other places. Finally, he said they could order it and it would arrive in 7-10 days. I asked why they showed one in inventory if there were none to be found. He indicated that the inventory system takes 48 hours to update. How useful is that? Well, I had him place the order because I have this gift card I have to use.
I also am trying to spend a Gap card (I don't fall into the Gap and don't fit into anything there either). The Old Navy card finally did get used as I tried to cram my body into one of those cute denim mini-skirts, and ended up buying pants for my daughter anyhow. I have a Target card that I will have no problem spending many times over.
After all this, I could have just ordered the book from Amazon and it would already be on its way. I also could just go get some food and drink in the cafe at Borders and be done with it.