Friday, August 06, 2004

Get Into The Olympics?

No, thanks. In 1968, I had the pleasure of touring the original site of the Olympics -- at that point, Greece had few American tourists and you could go into all the buildings (Parthenon, etc.) But, aside from that, I am not interested in the Olympics. I don't really have any desire to watch them, but have endured selected sports as my daughter competes in them. We have watched gymnastics, swimming, and, this year, may watch synchronized swimming, since that is her current sport of choice.
The stories of training, intensity, overcoming the odds and desire do intrigue me, and I like the sidebar stories. Things like the different menu options in the athletes' dining halls are of interest to me. Once, after her famous performance, we saw Kerry Strugs at the Whole Foods in Mill Valley and we went to the tour of the "Fabulous Four" gymnasts that year.