Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Plum  + apricot  = pluot. We have been pluot fans for several years, after discovering them at the Farmer's Market in Marin County. There are 20 varieties;  Luther Burbank was credited with the creation of the fruit in Santa Rosa, just north of Marin County. Our favorites were from one particular grower that handled each one as if they were a precious gem. They have found their way to the grocery stores, though often shoppers don't know what they are.  Flavor is best when they are firm to the touch, but, be careful as they bruise easily.  The interesting fact is that different varieties of pluots are available at different times, some in early summer, and others later in the fall.  These stone fruits are 70 percent plum and 30 percent apricot.  Yum - hooray for Luther Burbank!