Thursday, July 22, 2004

I Knew This Was Possible!!!!

The headline was "Plant Turns Landfill Gas Into Electricity," telling the story of how methane gas taken from a landfill in South Carolina was successfully used to power a nearby BMW manufacturing plant. This is so amazing as there is tremendous potential energy waiting to be tapped. When I was in college, majoring in "Environmental Politics", I participated in a feasibility study for use of the methane gas from the Seattle City Dump, home of the famous J. P. Patches character.  Really though,  the project never got off the ground due to the unions at the City Dump raising a stink (pun intended) about the possibility, despite the incredible logic of capturing the gas and reusing it as a source of power. That is an amazing recycling circle. I always knew it was possible and am delighted it is actually being done.