Friday, July 09, 2004

Wild Huckleberry Pinwheels and Other Hard Candies

Yesterday I encountered "Wild Huckleberry Pinwheels", a souvenir obviously brought home from the great state of Montana (think "The Freshman"). They were extremely tasty and I plan to order some online. It led me to think about hard candies in general. My husband loves flavorful hard candies, with flavor that pops in your mouth. There were some candies in Uruguay that "exploded with flavor" in his mouth. And one time in Buenos Aires, he followed a woman on the street that was trying to lead us to a leather factory, only because she had delicious hard candies that she doled out as we walked.
We are always in search of new, yummy hard candies. Since he is a diabetic, we cannot go crazy buying large quanties, though the two large bins of varied candies in his office make me a liar. Errant hard candies always end up in my purse, so that I can present a handful of different choices when he wants one. When you only get to eat one, you really should choose something delicious. Peppermints are the old standby, but Cinnamon drops and Root Beer Barrels are always among the first chosen. If only there were hard candies made with Splenda, instead of malitol, saccharin, etc., our collection would have to expand.