Friday, July 02, 2004

Do Blondes Have More Fun?

Since I started coloring my hair 3 years ago, I have had many different looks: reddish, brownish, too reddish and, my latest, blondish. Today, when I went to get the roots colored, I decided to keep it more blonde as it had faded. Seems like just the right look for the summer and a beach vacation.
Before chemotherapy, my hair was a funky salt and pepper. When it grew in, it was mostly white and made me look like my father. My exercise class members convinced me that my daughter would be thrilled if I colored my hair to symbolize that I was ok. And she really was...she is the greatest critic and also free with the compliments.
Yesterday, she told me that the blonde made me look younger. I look a bit like a dog I once had, but maybe looking younger, and being blonde, will reap some unexpected benefits. I can't wait to find out!