Wednesday, July 07, 2004

In Honor of Moose Everywhere

Moose like to be part of the action. It's as simple as that. There is no surprise for me regarding the story "Two Moose Crash Fourth of July Parade in Utah."
I could have told you that moose love a parade and like being included in all sorts of events, big and small, happy and sad. Moosie, my stuffed Beanie Buddy moose, accompanies me to all medical appointments, procedures, uncomfortable situations and anything that may involve a needle, as well as joining us on all vacations and expeditions. She took all the pain and discomfort for me at chemotherapy, sat on me during the marking tattoos they did for radiation, and even comforted my daughter during her recent ear piercing excursion. Squeezing Moosie's paw, which happens to be just the right size, can get you through anything. So, of course, the two moose joining in on the Fourth of July were wanting to see the fireworks (my moose sure was excited). I toast moose everywhere for their love and support! And I just learned that the plural for moose is moose...