Sunday, July 25, 2004


I am an Eck fan and am celebrating his induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame today.   I would have liked to attend.   My interest in Eck started after I saw him in the baggage claim at the airport, when he arrived for spring training one year. He was very handsome, in a rugged way, with long hair and I told my husband "he was cute."  Since then, the mere mention of his name sparks a string of negative comments. We saw him play in Oakland and also at spring training games in one of my very favorite stadiums in the red rocks.  I am not really knowledgeable about his stats, but more intrigued by his struggle and recovery from alcoholism.
Apparently, he was very emotional during his remarks at the Hall of Fame induction, thanking his parents for all their support. He acknowledged that his dad made a huge effort to attend the ceremonies as he is wheelchair bound on oxygen. You can only imagine how proud his dad was to see his son at that moment. 
I hope that we will be able to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame someday to see the displays about Eck  and all the other players. We saw Joe Dimaggio in line at the airport the day we flew to my husband's father's funeral, kind of cosmic as he was a legend in his era.