Sunday, July 25, 2004

She's Home

Our daughter is home. After much anticipation, and scurrying about to get her new bedroom ready, she is here. Transportation logistics had us worried as she was coming home unaccompanied, but we prayed every second the plane was in the air. We missed her and she probably missed us, but is very subdued, quietly matured,  anxious to IM,  nap and regroup after three weeks of being with kids 24/7.  As I predicted, she revealed that she has a boyfriend from camp, and they just hugged.  Life passes quickly; we had a great vacation and now, we move on to face middle school and what lies ahead. Lots of unknowns, for sure, but I do know that we love her with our hearts and souls. I am so glad she had fun at camp and know she is already longing for next year.