Wednesday, July 28, 2004

"Hope is on the way!"

I stood up and cheered and clapped alone in my living room, after being glued to Sen. John Edwards speech.  He will be president someday -- he is poised, compassionate, unflappable, knowledgable, passionate and overall, amazing. A completely energizing speech! I will never forget a story I saw on CNN earlier showing him speaking, while, in the background, his two young kids were head-butting each other with cheesehead hats they were given. Truly, hope is on the way. At last.
I realized today that I had no recollection of the 2000 Democratic Convention. It was after my breast cancer surgery and during a second series of chemo treatments, and totally passed me by.  I had been working on the Bill Bradley campaign, but he withdrew from the race right before my diagnosis.  Everything else became a blur.  Now, four years later, I am getting enjoy the whole process again -- thankful and appreciative of each and every day since then.