Thursday, July 29, 2004

"Help is on the way!"

Slogans abound from the Democratic Convention -- now we have "help is on the way." Kerry gave a well crafted speech, with some definite action plans. I always like the personal stuff - the family interactions, what the wives are doing, celebrities, and it was all there. We were watching during what will become infamous snafu on CNN at the balloon dropping, before switching for analysis to MSNBC. Kerry directed people to the website for info (wow!) and endorsed strongly the need for stem cell research.
I look forward to the campaign ahead if it does take the high road and deals with issues, not focusing on picking apart voting records, military service, past actions. Having the Vietnam crew that served with Kerry on the stage was touching -- was it too much?  As Kerry greeted Edwards after the speech, as they shook hands, Edwards whispered into Kerry's ear, "You will be president." I hope he is right.
From now on, we will go to MSNBC as we like Chris Matthews and Brian Williams. I liked Ashley Banfield, but she seems to be gone now.