Sunday, August 01, 2004

The Epic Journey Comes to an End!

The infamous transformer actually ended its journey and arrived at its destination Saturday. They noted that it made great progress on the straight, flat roads once it got into Arizona. Well, gee, what took them so long to figure that out? Now, while they install it, we still need to try to conserve. It does make a great excuse not to do any laundry, however. APS took out an ad in the paper, listing interesting ways to conserve energy while we try to voluntarily reduce our power use in the hottest part of the day (3-6 p.m.) -- take a nap, meditate, run errands, read a book, work on your holiday list, raise your thermostat by two or three degrees, run your pool pump at night, avoid using major appliances.....were just a few of their suggestions. I could add a few -- starting with thinking of how stupid they were bringing the transformer on backroads.
The other side of the same newpaper page had a full page ad, taken out by the Phoenix Suns, in memory of their Coach, Cotton Fitzsimmons, who died this past week. The ad states "There's a team up there that just got a whole lot better." That sounds like the Suns of the old days, with Charles Barkley and his era of players. We saw some awesome games and I learned my best basketball moves from watching Barkley. Now you couldn't even get me to a game, even with free tickets! I should add a caveat: if Barkley and Jordan came back to play together, I would go!