Sunday, August 08, 2004

Lettuce Jammers Rock

Lettuce jammers are the coolest new food product -- I have not found them yet, but when I do, they will be popular at our house. They are "crisp and sweet lettuce leaves, shaped like a pocket for holding and wrapping all of your favorite foods hot or cold. Even odd-shaped food is handled with a quick fill of boat-shaped Lettuce Jammers™! Lettuce Jammers™ are a very sturdy leaf with the ability to withstand extreme temperatures without wilting, tearing or dripping. Whoa! You know regular lettuce can’t do that!" That description is directly from their website, which tells us that the new lettuce is a blend of romaine and iceberg lettuces!
I already use romaine leaves as wraps, or pieces of endive as "boats" -- but isn't this new product a testimony of creativity?