Thursday, August 12, 2004

I Wish I Hadn't Seen That...

I wish I had not read the articles in "The Village Voice" about the Vietnam soldiers MIA. The tales of the Senate Committee, headed by John Kerry, and their efforts to find the missing prisoners, made me sick to my stomach. The subsequent coverup and whitewashing of information about prisoners still alive in Vietnam was completely disheartening.
I wish I had not read about "Vital Galaxy", a former race horse turned over to the local horse rescue organization too ill to stand and 500 lbs. underweight. When he died one week later, they had gotten him strong enough to enjoy his favorite treat of a peppermint with a carrot.
I wish I had not read about the starvation and war in Sudan at the hands of the Arabs. They are killing the men and children; what they are doing to the women is unthinkable and unspeakable.
I wish that I had not read about a woman who forgot to take her baby out of the carseat in the car when she got home in the afternoon. It was 110 degrees outside and the baby was dead when she remembered two hours later.
And the list could go on, but sometime my mind has to stop so I can go to sleep.