Wednesday, August 11, 2004

It Is Possible I May Never Eat Dinner Out Again

Tonight, after middle school orientation, we had to go out for dinner, selecting Macaroni Grill. It is convenient and my daughter usually likes it. But she has grown out of the kids meal (last time she had two kids meals) and ordered something different, which she was not thrilled with. You can always tell when she goes into the ladies room multiple times during the meal (not an eating disorder, just not liking her particular meal and getting restless.)
So I tried tasting her meatball, which, in itself, was unusual as I eat so little red meat. It was soft and undercooked in the middle. She had eaten one already. So I complained, the manager came over and offered another item. By that point, we were already to just leave. The waiter was horrible, disorganized and other tables were complaining to the manager. They reassured us that the meatballs are pre-cooked and shipped frozen to the individual restaurants. Then they are warmed up in a tray, and maybe the ones we got were just not warmed up enough. So we didn't eat raw very reassuring and gross!
They did adjust the bill for the meatballs, unlike Maggiano's Little Italy when they made their food service error. We were more dressed up and my husband was wearing his expensive watch -- maybe that really does make a difference in how you are treated in such situations. For the record, my low fat, low carb chicken dish was quite good, as was the salad. I find that sometimes, a yucky meal out keeps us from going out again for awhile. Tonight's experience could make it a long while.