Sunday, August 15, 2004

Out and about today

When we got Basha's today, which, by the way, is my favorite local grocery chain, they had disinfectant wipes available at the door. They suggest cleaning off the handles of the grocery cart. I do believe that Mr. Monk must have been there before me...
While we are on the grocery topic, why do they offer bag credits when you always have to ask to get them? I always take my bags to reuse, even to stores that don't give any credit, and feel so guilty when I forget or don't take enough bags in for all my purchases. They now have these weird cardboard handles, with advertising, for the plastic bags. Weird, and wasteful, as I saw several littering the parking lot. The ones I saw were for the movie "Catwoman."
And I am wondering what is the best way to remove toilet paper from your trees. The neighbors got "tpeed" again as they have high school and college girls. Their dad was using some sort of long pole and trying to re-roll it. I give him lots of credit.
On the subject of tp, I usually stick with Cottenelle or Charmin', based on a former relative's recommendation. When I buy those, there are no complaints of prison tp in the house, unlike when I purchase Scott, albeit only on sale. This week I got a great sale on Quilted Northern, plus used a coupon, and the crowd rebelled.