Thursday, August 19, 2004

The "Big Yellow"

The "Big Yellow", also known as the schoolbus, has been a bit of concern this week, with a seemingly poorly trained driver. The Paradise Valley Unified School District has an organization, United Parent Council (UPC), that provides both parties a communication point, from which information is passed to school district administration and back to each school. I love this group and have learned so much about the district, including how much I respect anyone who chooses teaching or being a principal as their career!
Yesterday, the superintendent and all his key assistant superintendents, spoke at our meeting. It was so great to hear what they are all doing. Well, of course, one guy was head of facilities and transporation. So he got an email from me detailing the concerns about the bus driver.
He responded quickly, saying "all the classrooms, gymnasiums and playgrounds in the district combined do not represent the risk associated with a single school bus. Lost, late and confused drivers make me very nervous and bad news doesn't improve with age. Don't hesitate to call me!"
He went on to further explain that the person,with a clipboard that my daughter described as helping the driver, was a state-certified driver trainer that works for the district. I am so impressed by the rapid response (ok, I did go all the way to the top guy in the district!). But, if it were your kid on the bus, wouldn't you do the same thing?