Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Person DuJour

That is what my husband calls the various people I have encountered though the years. The person dujour is one that I talk about alot for a period of time, and then we move on. Soon another person dujour is on the scene.
Notable persons dujour have been work people, that I had done particular projects with: Cindy, the CEO's admin that did a project with me and her husband was a high ranking officer in a well-known nursing home chain (probably in jail now); Anne and Toni were young administrators at a hospital I worked at; Janet was the Finance administrator and a wonderful soul; Kathleen, Janet, and Bonnie were there during a particularly emotional period of my life while awaiting approval of the adoption papers for my daughter; Judith was my neighbor and friend in California; Sherry is in my Hebrew classes now; Ellie is a fellow synchro mom and someone who gets in there and does whatever needs to be done with a smile; Ruth is in the water exercise class that I teach...the list goes on, but I cannot remember anyone else right now, though there were surely many more in the 21 plus years I have known my husband.
The fun thing about persons dujour is that they come and go and I am happy to have known each of them for that period of time. I wonder who the next one will be?