Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Middle School Update

The first two days of middle school seem to have gone well for my daughter. The new world has not really sunk in yet, and homework has not yet started. This brings on the tv battle, an age-old one in our house. She read, hid, played with her clothing and earrings and was bored. She has temporarily disabled her computer again with some virus-laden download that attacked the Windows Operating System. She even played on her play structure, for old-times sake.
I, on the other hand, was so distracted that I backed into the trash can, leaving some big scratches on my car as a souvenir of the first day of middle school. Aside from worrying about the impact of all her work, when it sinks in, we are concerned that the bus driver seems very poorly trained and extremely confused. She told the kids the reason she was 10 minutes late for the ride home tonight was that she couldn't remember where the school was. That is very promising.