Sunday, August 22, 2004


Prepositions were the topic in 7th grade English this week, with the requirement of memorizing an alphabetical list of prepositions. After years of writing and editing, I did not know that the word concerning was a preposition. Who knew? I debated with myself about the possibility of writing a post using all the prepositions, but that seemed to be tedious.
The assignment made no sense to me, in that they did not have to use them in a sentence, but they had to spell them correctly to start with. The teacher had each student take some sort of test to determine how they learn: oral/listening - I could have told them she listens to nothing she is not interested in; visual/reading - again, she only absorbs that which interests her, and finally, kinetically -- movement. So she was practicing the prepositions by creating dance steps with the word patterns, and had to write out the spelling test (I like it to be oral like a spelling bee). But I was told, "Remember Mom, I am kinetic. I have to write it, get into it, feel it." So, as usual, we''ll do whatever it takes.