Saturday, August 21, 2004

America Coming Together: ACT for Victory

I got a call from "America Coming Together" this morning, asking what I thought the big issues in the election were. Well, I asked, who are you?, who funds your organization?, how will the information be used? Since the volunteer calling did not have answers, I politely declined, saying I was registered and we already have our early ballots.
So I went online to research it, and I wish she would have told me about "America Coming Together". It is the largest voter outreach ever done (ACT for Victory), in 17 targeted states, 39 million calls, 21 million door knocks, some huge number of mailing pieces, with the objective of getting Democrats elected from the top down. This means federal, state and local offices. Needless to say, I am totally in support of that plan, and wish she had shared who they were with me. But, nonetheless, I am glad that the volunteers, like Heather, are doing the calls and getting people registered. It is our most important right as Americans and I will be doing my part towards that goal!