Saturday, August 21, 2004

52 Going On 15

The description of how neuropathways function follows: "The brain whispers messages to the body through electrical impulses transmitted to the central nervous system. Sometimes these electrical impulses, or brain waves, are disturbed, creating abnormal rhythmic patterns. When the brain continues to transmit these abnormal patterns, imbalances are created in the body. The body does not forget."
The mind and body are amazing machines. However, I think neuropathways are to blame for the fact that I react to my mother's manipulation and pressure in the exact same way, at age 52, as I did at age 15. I know that reactions to certain stimulus or situations trigger the neuropathways into action, repeating whatever that action was before. In my case, that entails turning into flubber and losing any backbone whatsoever.
Short of neurofeedback treatment, I must figure out how to reprogram these neuropathways so my reactions reflect the person I desire to be. Sounds like I need some of that magical imagery material from Belleruth Naperstek to help with this challenge...