Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Is It Possible?

Is it possible that my daughter is wishing for more homework? She says she is bored and waiting for more work to do. Stay posted on that one.
Is it possible I will be able to endure the anxiety of next weekend? Trying to compromise what I want, what my daughter wants and what everyone else wants, sounds stressful. My daughter's parting words on the topic were "do what I (meaning she) want and don't worry about everyone else." Easier said than done. Must be nice to be able to focus exclusively on oneself.
Is it possible that I will get my HOA minutes done this week? Or will I find lots of diversions to help me procrastinate?
Lastly, is it possible that my volunteering today could be even more boring than last week? Probably. My husband advised to "call in dead" last week. One week to go until my LOA to work on political campaigns begins. Is it possible I will return to my post in November? Place your bets here.