Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I've Got A New Attitude!!!

"Scare Wear" is being advertised for Halloween, obviously this year's term for Halloween costumes. This year, unlike previous years, I have a new attitude towards Halloween. The energy and effort that people put into their elaborate decorations, inside and out, and towards planning and executing their costumes is to be commended. It is a creative use of energy and, even though it is a Pagan holiday, represents an effort to do something positive and will make people smile. What a great excuse to have a party for your friends!
I will probably still not like opening the door on Halloween night, but will try to acknowledge all the cute costumes that make their way to our house. I will encourage my daughter to bring home all the "Good 'N Plenty" and "Three Musketeers" bars that she can. Imagine, that today, which is only September 15th, the first Christmas catalog arrived from L.L. Bean. The same thing goes for those holiday decorations as well -- the creativity is unlimited, though I cannot help but think about the power consumption created by holiday lights and those new animated decorations.