Friday, September 24, 2004


Thanksgiving is always a challenge, with where to go and what to eat if one is allergic to turkey. But, now, with a Seinfeld special announced on TV for that night, we are set. I am glad I did not buy tickets on the Grand Canyon Railway as we planned, though it sounds so much fun that we will be doing sometime in the next year. I must begin menu planning now, with the theme being "Seinfeld" of course --eating all the foods mentioned in show. "Big Salad" comes to mind first; chicken salad on rye; lobster omlette; tuna sandwich; apple pie; some kind of duck that Poppy made; crab bisque or muligitawny soup ..... a topic for days to come, I am sure!

P.S. Add-on foods from my husband -- marble rye; chocolate babka; Snapple; mango; special peaches; olives; gum; cereal; make-your-own pizza; pastrami; huckleberry pie; eggrolls; sausage; chocolate cream pie; jujifruit candies; kreplach; kasha; wine in a box; rigatoni; muffin tops; mutton; Junior Mints, Drake's coffeecake; Pez; calzone; frozen Milky Way bars; pizza bagels; banana splits; deli meats; Entemann's cakes; wedding cake; Ovaltine; Postum; BBQ sauce; chips (double-dipped, of course!); salsa; maple syrup ....we have probably only just begun. This year, however, I will not be struggling to create a menu for Thanksgiving.

P.S.S. Don't forget paella and clams casino!